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Old head, new life

I've been reworking an old Zombie head I made a few years back. I wanted to try out Mudbox this evening but ended up messing around sculpting with ZBrush; Old habits die hard. I'm so comfortable with the ZBrush tool set I find it hard to let go.

Next Silo Tutorials posted

Nevercenter have released the next in the series of my Minotaur modeling videos. These new sections show me taking the model from basic form to a more detail mesh by re-working each of the body parts one by one.


A new script based gallery

I’ve been thinking about up-grading my gallery section for years now. I have always used a standard html solution that uses basic thumbnails that when clicked open up full html pages. I wanted to change this antiquated system for a script based solution that opens up irregularly shaped images and gives the `next` and `back` option.

Following a recent email form a very kind person called J. C. Borges Coelho I took his advice and he implemented a solution using LightBox2 by Lokesh Dhakar. Take a look at my gallery pages to see the results. It is a much better solution for a number of reasons

1. It looks better

2. I can upload any sized image without having to put it on a 1024x768 template as with my old system.

3. My gallery sets were repeated sets of 60 html pages which meant re-doing html pages above 60.

I can’t thank J.C enough for the help in setting it all up for me as scripts are not my strong point.

I'm just looking into my next trip out to Egypt what Diving skills I want to add. I have a PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water licence. I did the Enriched Air (NITROX) course last year and a few of the speciality introductions. I have decided to do some first aid training (Emergency first responce) and then go for the Rescue Diver Course later this year.

Diving inspires me in so many ways and the more I do the more I want. 90% of my artwork is creature based and diving introduces you to so many wonderful species every time you take the plunge. In another life I would have loved to have been a marine Biologist but then again, I also wanted to be a trwler fisherman, Deadliest catch style :)

To Twitter or not to Twitter

I've spent a long time avoiding following the crowd on social networking sites. I was a Powow user in the early 1990's. I tried AIM and I moved on to Messenger as my main IM solution. I have avoided Facebook and MySpace like the plague. Why? Because I see them as a huge waste of my time and resource and like AIM and MSN Messenger I know I will waste time using them.

So, with all that said, I find that today I have joined Twitter. Having recently heard Steven Fry speaking at an Apple shop via a Podcast I took his advice and began to follow him on Twitter. I already feel like I've been wasting my day wrting things like `I'm cooking Pancakes now` or `I'm watching Sharkwater and loving it`

I'll give it a day or so and see how things workout. If I find I am still following peoples boring daily routines then I'll be asking for my money back!

Garys Tatoo

I designed a tatoo a few weeks ago for a good friend. He wanted a traditional skull with horns but with some use of a Steve Wang book I persuaded him to go for a Predator/Alien hybrid.

Here's one of the images we went for:

My All New Blog Page is Launched

So, time moved ever onward and at long last Glen gets his very own REAL! Blog page. Gone are the days of sub-standard HTML Blog Pages once knows as WHATS NEW!.