A new script based gallery

I’ve been thinking about up-grading my gallery section for years now. I have always used a standard html solution that uses basic thumbnails that when clicked open up full html pages. I wanted to change this antiquated system for a script based solution that opens up irregularly shaped images and gives the `next` and `back` option.

Following a recent email form a very kind person called J. C. Borges Coelho I took his advice and he implemented a solution using LightBox2 by Lokesh Dhakar. Take a look at my gallery pages to see the results. It is a much better solution for a number of reasons

1. It looks better

2. I can upload any sized image without having to put it on a 1024x768 template as with my old system.

3. My gallery sets were repeated sets of 60 html pages which meant re-doing html pages above 60.

I can’t thank J.C enough for the help in setting it all up for me as scripts are not my strong point.

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