Sunday morning pre - `clean the studio` ramble

Sunday morning and a dull grey start here in Cheshire. I’m up and about early today and I have a plan to finally get my studio cleaned up and all the old projects put away or disposed of. As I said in my blog update yesterday I am getting ready for a few weeks away from my studio so it is time to wrap up as much as I can and prepare for the first of my summer adventures.

I’m a little happier with my Kong Sculpt today. I took it off its back board and removed the paper from inside the armature (see photos). In the process I cracked off his ear and split his head open at the top but overall he seems to be intact and not here is free of the back board he is drying art a quicker rate. I will reattach his ear and do some surface details later this week then that is him finished. I suppose I need to look up how I can make him more permanent without having to resort to baking him which I am sure would lead to him cracking into pieces.

I’ve been neglecting my 2D skills this week in favour of my clay modeling. I recently purchased a set of three Moleskine sketchbooks and it is about time I started putting them to use. I will be drawing all summer and now is as good a time as any to start. I have not been doing as many twitsketches over the last two weeks and I need to rectify that as well. I started twitsketch as a place for doodlers to be able to find a daily topic to draw but I find it boring having to find a daily topic myself. I’d like someone to do it for me but hey, that’s life!.
I must put some serious browsing time in and find a forum of doodlers and sketchers that have the same sort of interests as I do. I don’t really want to join an online flower drawing class or a group of teenage Manga enthusiasts. I love the content and subjects chosen over at and that has been my chosen online home for years now. Maybe I should just try to perfect my COW’s (Creatures of the week) or maybe even try a CHOW sometime (Character of the week). Hohum.

Silo Training Material update.

At the back end of last year I recorded a series of training videos using Silo to be given away free on the Nevercenter website. In recent months Nevercenter have been releasing the videos a few at a time starting with my `Box modeling a Minotaur` sessions, then `Basics` and finally `Point by point modeling`. I’ve just resent the point-by-point videos as for some reason my files were corrupted when I uploaded them to the NC server. Hopefully these last remaining training videos will be released by mid May thus completing over 8 hours of free Silo training. I have been considering doing Silo training DVD’s again but nothing has been signed as yet. I am not sure how many copies I could hope to sell in this current market and it is a lot of time to invest in a product that may not give any significant payback. I am still very attracted to the idea of creating subdivision modeling DVD’s to help new users understand all the basic elements of modeling creatures and characters from the ground up. Everyone is getting into high polygon sculpting and re-topologizing these days but I am a firm believer in good underlying polygon structure being the foundation of a great sculpt.

Less writing more doing is needed. Off to the studio with dust buster and cloths. I’m going to be really sad now and photograph before and after shots to prove how messy my workroom actually gets.

Kong Sculpt removed from back board


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