Twitsketch gets its own forum

This week I’ve been working on improving the look and feel of my website. I have felt for sometime that it needed a once over and now is the time. I've redone the basic page structure starting with the info page and now I'm working on the new gallery pages. I need to get some help as I need to re-hash this blog to match the new graphics

This week saw the launch of my new Twitsketch forum. Twitsketch started as my doodle website where artists can get a daily topic to inspire their doodling. If you like to doodle and want to join us then hop over to the forum. I've been meaning to start a Twitsketch forum since the spring of 2009. I started using Twitter at the start of the year and very soon after that I started to post daily sketch topics called Twitsketches (crap name but it fits the purpose). After a few weeks and a seeing a few great little sketches being posted I decided to register the twitsketch domain (just in case) and parked a single webpage on there to explain what Twitsketch was all about. The next stage for me was to get hold of a forum. It took 6 months for me to get round to it.

I didn't set out to start up a new forum, of course, like most projects it just evolved. I sketch every day and I often run out of ideas. I normally turn to my inspirations folder on my hard drive (something I'm sure we've all got) or I go and wander around Google images for half an hour. I love visiting and taking part in `Creature of the week` or the `Daily sketch group` and if you need sketching topics there is no place better.

I wanted Twitsketch to be less involved. For example. I'm in a meeting and bored (regularly).

1. I check out twitter on my Iphone and search for #Twitsketch.

2. See the daily topic.

3. Scribble my interpretation down on paper or even on the Iphone.

4.Snap a picture or screen shot and fire in onto the web with twitfire or twitpic and tag it #twitsketch

Now with the forum I can see all the Twitsketches in one place and see how other artists have interpreted the subject matter.

So, that's a quick overview of why it's here.

Sign up and join the fun!


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