MonkiTubes model and sculpt

Back in September I started working on a toy project with the intention of taking it from design to a finished resin cast. I also wanted to find a good solution to get good product renders of the toy designs. I'm really happy to be using Cinema4D now to get the sorts of shots I want but I thought it was time to move the whole project forward again.

My latest design is a re-hashed version of my Peg toy called the MonkiTubes. Very simple geometric shapes with clearly defined body parts including feet, upper and lower body, ears and a strong tail. I'm still very much in a design stage here but I'm getting closer to a shape that I like.

These tests all have strong personalities even though they have the same underlying shape and that is down to textures and graphics.I want to work on the shape a little more now as I would love to be able to cast these guys in a single mold. I had a rapid prototype done of my T-Rawll creature earlier this year but I think I will try and do this one with sculpey or wax.



  1. These look really cool. I can see them being really nice functional USB sticks.

  2. 我只知道,假如我去愛人生,那人生一定也會回愛我..................................................

  3. I love these! Would love to get my hands on one when you get them out! Wonderful design!