New Silo interface

I have been a big fan of customizing my SILO interface for years and I thought it was about time I created a new one for 2009. I usually like to work with a bare interface to keep the screen clear and uncluttered but with large screen resolutions (1900+) it doesn't seem to be so much of a problem these days. I customized my own set of buttons and icons in photoshop using the color scheme from this website. As the images can be saved as .png is is possible to use lots of transparency in the design. I put in a few SILO logos for good measure.

I put my most used tools on the first button page and made it appear top left of the screen. I used the standard SILO arrangement for the bottom buttons but used my own art work. Any button that has an on/off state highlights with an orange bar. The second button page (shown here on the left) contains the create and display buttons. To switch from page 1 to page 2 I simply hit the SILO logo and it switches.

Bottom left of the screen is a persistant page that has the main editors and options panels. I find having them is helpful at certain stages in my modeling, usually toward the end of a session. I will finish the design off this week and post a zip with the the .pngs and .sip files for anyone wanting to try it.


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