Weekly Silo Modeling sessions

Tonight sees the launch of Weekly Silo Modeling sessions at the Nevercenter Forum.

Here's the opening post.......

After some thought and discussion with other Silo users and forum members we’ve decided to get weekly modeling sessions going again. The sessions will be aimed at getting modelers to practice their skills and learn from other modelers in a safe environment. We will provide a reference image/material and occasionally just an open topic. Providing a single reference image is a great way to build your skills as you can compare your own work with that of other contributors and hopefully get to look at other modelers wire frame images. We will run the sessions for a couple of months and see what the response is like.

I would like to keep the sessions informal and with limited rules. There will be no restrictions on how the model is created just as long Silo is used in the process somewhere.

Some guidelines would be:

1. Taking the modeling further in other applications is acceptable.
2. Texturing and UV’ing is encouraged if time allows especially if the processes are explained for the less experienced members.
3. If you take part in the session please post as many WIPs as possible and post discussions about your methods and techniques.
4. If you need advice or critique please feel free to ask.
5. Using models created here in your portfolio/website/show reel is acceptable. All images used will be used with the artists permission to do so. Please try and give credit where needed.
6. Please share your techniques where possible.
7. There is no time limit or judging process at this stage. We will post a new session every weekend.
8. Adapt/evolve/change the model as you need. Do not feel that you have to stick to the reference 100% unless that weeks challenge specifies it.

This week we are starting with a 2D creature concept that was created for a COW or `Creature of the Week` at Conceptart.org. It is a basic bipedal bat-type creature with some complicated modeling needed around the wing flap area. Newer modelers may want to just tackle the basic body shape or even just the head. If more experienced modelers take part we can perhaps explore the process of creating skins flaps and folds.

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