Blogging from my Iphone again

Having an Iphone is great for so many reasons not least because I can sit in meetings and write blog posts like this one. I had quite a busy month and I’ve been working on lots of different commissions and projects.

I'm still trying to improve my sketching and line work and doing the daily twitsketches is helping me pick up speed and become more fluent. If you want to join in checkout my twitsketch site and read the rules then get doodling.

In trying to improve my 2D skills I started to look at the workflow of some of my favourite artists. I am a big fan of Jasen Strong and his 2D creatures and I would love to be able to match his quality of line work and the amount of character he puts into his beasts. I have modelled quite a few of his designs for CGToolkit projects and I find the process of turning his creations into 3D actually takes some of their personality away. Mainly because you have to model in a static pose with everything in a neutral or relaxed stance for rigging and animating. I looked at his work and asked a few questions and I’ve picked up a few tips form him. Use something like Abode Streamliner (discontinued now) or Vector Magic to get great quality lines after you have scanned and cleaned the sketches in Photoshop. Also, use a blue pencil to draw over a printout that you have Gaussian blurred. I struggled with this at first but after a few goes it becomes second nature.

I looked into what Pencils to use and I’ve settled on Faber Castell Art Grip Aquarelles and I have to say I am now hooked. They are water based Pencils but they don’t seem to smudge or mess up the page when dry. I am currently using a Blue and a Red and I’ve ordered a whole set of them to try out this week.

I have just posted some work I’ve been doing on a Flesh Golem Model. Here’s the latest shot:

Weekly Silo Session Review

We are now well into week 6 of the Silo Modeling Sessions and we've covered some varied topics to date. Well done to everyone of you Elite Silo users who are now wearing your Silo `I model` Shirts with pride (BTW please post your pics of you in your shirt in this thread!)

So, what do you want to see as a modeling topic in the future? I have tried to pick a wide variety of subjects and references but it would be great to get some input from you guys.

I am planning a couple of things in coming weeks.

1. Collaboration Sessions. These will be sessions topics that need to be completed by a group artists or modelers with different skills. The expectation is that anything you model would be made available to the other contributors and the end results (renders or animations) could be used for everyone’s portfolio. No time limit and maybe one a month.
2. Beginners sessions. I think should be encouraging new and inexperienced modelers to join in and to help them feel welcome we should do special beginners threads. Again, no time limit and I’ll post a new one when I feel the thread has added value.
3. More hard-Surface weekly Sessions. I am predominantly a Character/Creature modeler so I have a natural tendency to post organic subjects. If you are a hard surface modeler and you want to give me some suggestions or provide reference material I would be more than happy to post more of that type of session.

All helping to build and promote the Silo community I hope.


April 2009-04-15

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