**NEW** COLLABORATION SESSION: CS001 `Boulder and Co` (Click to view the thread

This is the first of the Collaboration sessions. The idea being that anyone can join in and contribute to the session in a number of ways including:

1. Take the concepts further by drawing more Characters and creatures in the same style.
2. Model any of the characters in the reference
3. Model the environment or any part of the environment.
4. Give advice to other people who have never worked on projects like this.
5. Be prepared to take critisism in the spirit it is intened. Even though this is a fun session there may be a need to improve the qualitry of a model or scene. I will adjudicate if needed. In the real world you would have a tyrano-sore-ass Art director or TD to do this for you

6. Team work works. State what you want to do on the project but be prepared to let someone else do it if needed.

7. Try new stuff! If you are comfortable doing characters then build a Tree or part of the enviro.

Some comments:

1. It's a Silo Session but lots of other software can/may be used. Anything goes for me!

2. Anything you create must be shared with the team of contributors. Upload your models to your own server in a Zip/rar with a password. Only give the password to other contributors via PM or email.

3. If you use anything in your portfolio you must give full credit to the other members.

4. No time limit. If it doesn't take off we won't do anymore. If it does take off I'll be hiring here in the UK....JOKE! no CV's or reels thank you...It's all good clean fun and a bit of practice.

So, to this sessions reference. This is `Boulder and Co`. It is a rejected concept that is begging to be created. The client (fictional of course in case you haven’t guessed!!!) wants to see a set of character models with textures in a range of different environments all based on the stylised concepts provided. We can push the boundaries by making new characters and coming up with new scenes or stages. Work out how to design a multi part environment with re-usable and interchangeable scenery (trees, rocks, equipment, new characters and creatures not shown). Explore indoor and outdoor scenes possible caves?

**NEW** COLLABORATION SESSION: CS001 `Boulder and Co` (Click to view the thread)

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