Enter3D Project 5-03 Basic head modeling tutorial 'Little Devil 2010'

Enter3D Project 5-03 Basic head modeling tutorial 'Little Devil 2010'

This is the latest addition to the Enter3D projects. I first did this tutorial about 4 years ago in Silo 1.4 . For some reason I've had lots of emails asking for it in recent weeks. As Silo 2.0 has changed in some significant ways I decided to re-hash the video and add it to Enter3D.

I'll be adding a few videos over the next few weeks so please feel free to follow the Blog for notification of new uploads. It's always great to get some feedback on a video so please take time to leave a comment below.



  1. Great to see an update to this video series...I still remember my Lightwave teacher showing me the original videos, which were my introduction to Silo.
    I'll go through these videos and let you know what I think...I'm sure they will be fantastic.

    -John (Ketsudan)

  2. Thanks John,

    It's great to know you've helped someone out along the way. I'm hoping to loads of new videos this year.

  3. Awesome!
    Would you use this Same approach if you were creating the body also? Would you rough out the body, then go back and add more edges and details? Or do the head a glue it to the body?

  4. I do both. It really depends on the job and whether or not I am using reference. Most of the time I rough out a whole character then box model the 'form' and then swap out parts bit by bit.

  5. I would like to thank here also once for the wonderful tut. Now I have worked through part 2. My biggest problem are the right proportions. Maybe you can next sometimes in every part place a picture with the three views.
    Ciao ernesto from SDM

  6. Am I the only one unable to get the link to work?

    As a matter of fact, -anything- regarding Enter 3D beings me to an error page stating 'No Results Found'. This happens when I click on a link directly ( as I have attempted to do with all of the new Enter 3D content/videos)as well as when I try to run a search for 'Enter 3D'.

    The only thing that shows up on the search is images ( this is new, as I used to only get the error page, so at least that's something ;p)

    I am running Firefox and have tried all manner of page options I can think of ( running no script, turning it off, allowing all this page, etc) nothing I do seems to work.

    This is something of a bummer because not only would I like to see the new videos that are up (?) I also remember this Little Devil tut from the Sub D forum I'd love to go back and give it a view, particularly since it's been updated updated it.


    I have a particularly noisy neighbor child I could sacrifice to the Internet Gods if that would help? :P