Help me out with screen shots.

If anyone wants to help out I'd be ever so grateful. I want to put a screen shot and some images of all major 3D packages and wondered if anyone felt like contributing. I'm updating my old Sub-D Primer as part of my new Enter3D area and I would like to show some examples.

I'm looking for:

1. An interesting screen shot of your 3D program of choice
2. A wire frame shot of one of your models
3. A render if poss.
4. A few words about why you like the package in question.

Zip them up and fire then over to

Bear in mind that the Enter 3D site is aimed at 2D artists coming to 3D for the first time. What would you show or say about your favorite 3D package?

And if you REALLY love your 3D package, do a little video and send it to Youtube and fire me the link. Now that would be cool!

So far I'm looking for:


and I'm open to offers to add the ones I've missed.

If you look at the Primer Page 2 you'll see where this is going.

Thanks already to Warner for some Modo images and Dave Bates (as ever) for sorting out the scripting for me.



  1. Don't know how many people responded yet but I can send you some stuff.


  2. Hi man. I've had loads of offers but I'm still open to more. What software do you use?

  3. Hey Glen,

    Do you have a need for Silo 2 or Lightwave screen shots? I'd like to help anyway I can. Your website is looking fantastic.

    -John (Ketsudan)

  4. Hi John,

    I need both. I have Silo shots that I've done but I'd love to replace them with someone else's. I don't use Lightwave anymore (I still have my licensed V8 on a PC but I'm 100 mac now).

    I'd love some screen shots of Layout and modeler, a good wire frame render (which Lightwave is ACE at. Maybe the best IMHO) and a nice render. This site is aimed at character modelers so no hard surface models in the shots please mate.

    See what you can do. Thanks.

  5. Hi Glen,
    thanks for all your sharing of knowledge and technics. Reading this thread I just thinking about an app called Sculptris, and as a big fan of Silo and 3D-Coat, I'd like to know what you think about this program.

    P.s.: sorry for my bad english.