Customise Custom`I`vor and win a DVD.

Not so much a collaboration but a competition! The prize is tiny but the winner will have the adoration of millions!


A copy of Visual Story telling with Ian McCaig from Gnomon.



Just Custom`I`vor!!!!!

1. Download the base mesh

2. Download the .PSD template

3. Download the frame for your final entry

So, download the Ivor model, download his UV template. Mess him up however you like and create a whole new outfit and texture map for him. Look to the Vinyl toy world for inspiration folks! Give him equipment if needed. Render him out however you like and slip him into the little Custom`Ivor picture frame provided.

Winner will be chosen in two weeks by Joshua Southern aged 5 + 1/2 So make it appealing to him folks!

The competition is running from the Nevercenter forum. Post your finals there.

Here's an example you may have seen me doing this week:

Don't want to use Silo? Ok...go to NURBS AND POLYS and Jason will be running the same competition, different prize and you can use any Software you like over there.

Have fun and good luck messing up a Custom`I`vor!


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