Monsters can Dance

I have had loads of great feedback about my recent Breakdancing Mummy #twitsketch and custom sculpt. So much so that after posting at the Kidrobot Forums I decided to go ahead and do more `dancing Monster` concepts in the hope that a new idea for a sculpt would crop up. Below are the results so far.

Please comment below this post and add your thoughts about which other monsters should join the elite `Monster Fame academy` and be immortalized in ink. Maybe a Riverdancing Beast from 40,000 fathoms? Or a Headbanging Predator.?



  1. Frankenstomp is cool :)
    my fav is still the mummy, but i quite fancy (glurp) the pretty medusa :):)
    you gonna make a clay of these too?
    looking forward for more ;)


  2. Frankenstomp is my fav too Abe. I'd like to model them all but time may be an issue.

    If you fancy Medusa mate you newed to get some help! lol

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