Off on my jollies......wish you were here

Okelydokely! I'm on a 1 day countdown to my holiday cruising around the Mediteranean with family and friends. We're driving down to Southhampton in the Thundertank in the morning and boarding the Independance of the Seas in the afternoon.

I'll be carrying the usually art supplies throughout the trip including my HD camera for vids and stills. I'll have a couple of different moleskines for daily sketching, a grid moleskine and a couple of blank page large ones. If I have good wifi on the ship I'm going to try and upload any sketching I do on a nightly basis to this blog.

On with the packing.....

Ports of Call: Southampton, Gibraltar; Cannes, Florence, Rome, Cagliari, Seville, Vigo, and back to Southhampton


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