Woodland Yowie

Having received my Yowie blank the other day I set about working him over. I decided on a Wodland theme and decided to add roots and leaves and paint him with a bark texture. The black in awesome! He is a resin cast by Jon-Does-Doodles and if you get chance grab one from his Bigcartel shop.

One of the main reasons I bought the Yowie was that I want to do some resin casting myself and I thought it would help me to understand the process a little better if I could see a cast first hand. However, as soon as I opened the packaging I decided I needed to get right on and customise the little fella there and then.

I used a dark brown Premo Sculpey to make the roots and a bottle green to make the leaves. That way I didn't need to use the skull white undercoat as the Premo color was very close to the final color. I baked these parts off and gave them a coat of paint then followed that up with some detailed line work.


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