T-Rawll 3D Print arrives from 3DCreation Labs

I've been sitting on my doorstep waiting for this little parcel to arrive. The amazing postman left it on his van and only brought it at 1.30pm. Typical! If it was a bill it would have been here a 7.30am!

Anyway, he's here, my very first 3D print from a 3D model and here's a few images of the little fella. I've finally got my head around Adobe Illustrator this week and I've cranked out a few more ideas for boxes and insert cards as you can see below. I've mocked up a `Flesh T-Rrawll` and I'm working on colorways for a Peak T-Rrawll, Magma Trawll, Evergreen T-Rrawll, Nautical T-Rrawll and the Nimbus T-Rrawll


1 comment:

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